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Tuesday May 15, 2018
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Pressure Pipe Lining Systems
Trenchless Technologies 101
Planning Trenchless with Subsurface Engineering
Sewer Laterals - A Comprehensive Review of Best Practices

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Wednesday May 16, 2018
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7:00 AM5:00 PMRegistration
7:00 AM8:00 AMContinental BreakfastSponsored By:

Morning Sessions

Start TimeEnd TimeTitleSpeaker(s) and AffiliationLocation
Session 1: HDD/Tunneling
Sponsored By:

Ballroom 5
7:30 AM7:45 AMOpening Remarks
7:45 AM8:15 AMAbandoned Coal Mines Make for Challenging HDD Design and Installation Jason Lueke & Chris Lamont, Associated Engineering
8:15 AM8:45 AMCombating Rock with HDD Tod Michael, Vermeer Corp.
8:45 AM9:15 AMNetworking Break
9:15 AM9:45 AMHDD: The Good, Bad and Ugly Kyle Verwey, Earth Boring Co. Ltd
9:45 AM10:15 AMSingleand Multimode Segment Liner Technology for Small Diameter Tunnels Gerhard Lang, Herrenknecht
10:15 AM10:45 AMHalton Zone 4 Feedermain – Tunnelling a Confined Aquifer Beneath Major Railways and Highways Brandon Gorr, Associated Engineering
Session 2: Condition Assessment
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Ballroom 4
7:30 AM7:45 AMOpening Remarks
7:45 AM8:15 AMIn Service Forcemain Condition Assessment Allison Biggar, Pure Technologies
8:15 AM8:45 AMApplying Electric Current Surveys to Enable Condition Based Rehabilitation in Small MunicipalitiesRandy Kowal, Robichaud Associates
8:45 AM9:15 AMNetworking Break
9:15 AM9:45 AMApplications of Underwater Remote Technologies for Asset Management Bob Clarke, ASI Group
9:45 AM10:15 AMDeep Trekker: Small Portable Pipe Inspection Crawler Cody Warner, Deep Trekker
10:15 AM10:45 AM CATT Develops New 2018 OPS Standard for Laser Pipe InspectionsGordon Henrich, Pipeline Integrity Technology Associates
Session 3: Pressure Pipe RenovationSponsored By:

Salon H/J
7:30 AM7:45 AMOpening Remarks
7:45 AM8:15 AMWatermain Cleaning and Preparation Jonathan Pearce, University of Waterloo
8:15 AM8:45 AMField Deployment of Airborne Cleaning and Lining Technology for Polymeric Lining of Water Pipes Randy Cooper, Envirologics Engineering
8:45 AM9:15 AMNetworking BreakSponsored By:

9:15 AM9:45 AMEconomic Evaluation of Operation, Maintenance and Renovation (OMR): Strategies for Water Distribution SystemsSaad Ibrahim, Ahmed Abdel-Al, Mark Knight, and Rizwan Younis, University of Waterloo
9:45 AM10:15 AMConsiderations for Management of a Large-Scale Watermain Rehabilitation ProgramStewart Dickson, WSP
10:15 AM10:45 AMOptions to Provide Reliable Seals at Service Connections and Liner Terminations for CIPP Watermain RehabilitationGeorge Bontus, Aegion
11:00 AM11:15 AMExhibit Hall Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
11:15 AM2:00 PMExhibit Hall hours
12:00 PM1:00 PMLunchSponsored By:

1:00 PM2:00 PMOutdoor Demonstrations

Afternoon Sessions

Session 4: New InstallationsSponsored By:

Ballroom 5
2:00 PM2:25 PMGuided Boring Innovation for Longer Lengths, Extended Diameters and Harder Geology Jason Holden, Akkerman
2:25 PM2:50 PMFluid and Waste Management Adam Bates, Vermeer Corp.
2:50 PM3:15 PMTechnology - The New Normal Clint Recker, Vermeer Corp.
3:15 PM3:30 PMNetworking Break
3:30 PM3:55 PM Fold and Form PVC Liner for Sewer and Culvert Rehabilitation Alex Sandovski, IPEX Inc.
3:55 PM4:20 PMDuctile Iron Pressure Pipe for Trenchless Applications Paul Stringer, Canada Pipe Company
4:20 PM4:45 PMTheoretical VS Actual Drive Forces: Developing Practical Predictive Models Kyle Verwey, Earth Boring Ltd.
Session 5: Asset ManagementSponsored By:

Ballroom 4
2:00 PM2:25 PMComposite Liner Rehabilitation Enables Calgary to Restore System EfficienciesAlois Multerer, Raedlinger Primus Line Inc.
2:25 PM2:50 PMSewer Pipeline and Manhole Rehabilitation Projects: Keys to Success Parastou Hooshialsadat & Matt Winkelman, GHD
2:50 PM3:15 PM Using Smart Monitoring Technology to Track and Reduce I & ICliff Jones, SmartCover Systems
3:15 PM3:30 PMNetworking Break
3:30 PM3:55 PMWater Asset Management: Where are We and Where do We Need to Go?Mark Knight, University of Waterloo
3:55 PM4:20 PMApplication of Zoom Camera Inspection for Asset Management Planning Donald Gunn, Infratech Services
4:20 PM4:45 PMIntegrated Sewer and Wastewater Treatment Plant Asset Management Hamed Fardi, University of Waterloo
Session 6: Sewer Pipe RenovationSponsored By:

Salon H/J
2:00 PM2:25 PMRehabilitation for Hamilton’s Larges Non-Circular Sewer Dave Crowder, R. V. Anderson Associated Limited
2:25 PM2:50 PMTrenchless Rehabilitation of the Chapman Sanitary Trunk Sewer: Design Considerations and Lessons Learned Bashir Ahmed, City of Toronto; Jayne Harris & Laurel Murphy, CH2M
2:50 PM3:15 PMStructural Design of Sewer Renovation Systems : Updated French Recommendations: ASTEE-3R 2014 for Non circular Pipes Philippe Fischer, Hobas Quebec; Jean-Marie Joussin, FSTT; Olivier Thépot, Eau de Paris
3:15 PM3:30 PMNetworking BreakSponsored By:

3:30 PM3:55 PMSewer Rehabilitation with Sprayed Geopolymer Mortar Lining – A Successful Case Study in Markham Carlos Lazarte & Paul Headland, Aldea Services, LLC; Joe Royer, Milliken Infrastructure Solutions; David Rosenberg, Michels Canada; Vinor Servera, York Region
3:55 PM4:20 PMPreparing Concrete to Heal Itself and Stop Leaking Through Its CracksRon Langdana, Kelso Coatings
4:20 PM4:45 PMCIPP for the Hespeler Trunk Sanitary Sewer Aaron Bruce, GHD & Jeff Nyenhuis, City of Cambridge
5:00 PM7:00 PM
Networking Reception & Raffle
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Thursday, May 17, 2018
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7:00 AM5:00 PMRegistration
7:00 AM8:00 AMContinental Breakfast

Morning Sessions

Session 7: MicrotunnellingSponsored By:

Start TimeEnd TimeTitleSpeaker(s) and Affiliation
7:30 AM8:00 AMMicrotunnelling - "At the Speed of …Hard Packed Sandy Till!" Kyle Verwey, Earth Boring Co. Ltd.
8:00 AM8:30 AMAZ100 Total Guidance System for Extended Length and Curved Microtunneling Jason Holden, Akkerman
8:30 AM9:00 AMCurved Microtunnel Sewer in the City of Brantford to Serve the New Laurier YMCA Matt Welsh, City of Brantford; Troy Bauman, Robinson Consultants
9:00 AM9:20 AMNetworking Break
9:20 AM9:50 AMCurved Microtunnelling Under Airport Road Walter Trisi, CRS Tunnelling Inc.
9:50 AM10:20 AM8 Railway Tracks, 900 Trains per Day, Piled Buildings and an S-Curve Microtunnel Cyrill Althuser, Jackcontrol AG
10:20 AM10:50 AMTunnelling Challenges of a Construction of a Forcemain in Shanghai (China)Mark Knight, University of Waterloo
Session 8: Manholes/CulvertsBallroom4
7:30 AM8:00 AMStructural GRP Rehabilitation of 62" x 40" Arch Storm Culvert at Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria BC Andy Sherwin, Channeline International
8:00 AM8:30 AMPerformance and Design of Corroded Culvert Rehabilitation Using Invert Paving Ian Moore, Jake Tetreault, Caleb Regier, and Neil Hoult, Queen’s University
8:30 AM9:00 AMTrenchless Culvert Repairs Under Active, Remote Railways Keith Walker, AP/M Permaform; Glenn Votkin, Martech Inc.
9:00 AM9:20 AMNetworking Break
9:20 AM9:50 AMQuality Control of Manhole Rehabilitation Using Wireless 3D Scanner Pierre Mikhail, CUES In.

9:50 AM10:20 AMPipe-Splitting and Replacement of a Corrugated Steel Pipe with Submerged Outlet at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Pierre Wilder, Colin Goodwin, and Gerry Bauer, Stantec Consulting Ltd.
10:20 AM10:50 AMStudy of Sprayed Maintenance Hole Liner Resistance to External Water Pressure Ian Moore, Jane Peter, and Neil Hoult, Queen’s University
Session 9: Construction Planning and DesignSponsored By:

Salon H/J
7:30 AM8:00 AMApplication of SUE to Assist with Tunnelled WM Design and Construction John Scaife, Urban X
8:00 AM8:30 AMUtilizing Multi-channel Ground Penetrating Radar Technology for Creating 3D Maps Jamie Bradburn, T2 Utility Engineers; Alexandre Novo, IDS North America
8:30 AM9:00 AMUnderstanding CIPP Sewer Rehabilitation to Address H2S Corrosion Patrick Moskwa & Kevin Bainbridge, Robinson Consultants; Julie Runion & Michelle Moore, Niagara Region
9:00 AM9:20 AMNetworking Break
9:20 AM9:50 AMLidar Monitoring of Ground Movements Associated with Frost Heave over Leaking Cast Iron Water Pipes Ian Moore, Joe Wang, Kirsten MacMillan, and Neil Hoult, Queen’s University; Matt Lato, BGC Engineering
9:50 AM 10:20 AM Sewer Infrastructure Inspections and Rehabilitation – So Many Options!Michael O'Toole, Source One Environmental
10:20 AM10:50 AMTBDTBD
10:00 AM1:00 PMExhibit Hall Hours
12:00 AM1:00 PMLunch
1:15 PM1:50 PMKeynote Address:
Fireside Chat on the
Role of Trenchless Technologies in a Low-Carbon Economy

Presenters: Dr. Peter Gallant Watertap President and CEO
Dr. Mark Knight Professor University of Waterloo, CATT Executive Director

Afternoon Sessions

Session 10: How to Design and Deliver Successful Pipeline Renovation ProjectsBallroom5
2:00 PM2:30 PMStyrene: Is it a Health Hazard: Fact or Fiction Mark Knight and Marios Ioannidis, University of Waterloo
2:30 PM2:45 PMQ&A and Panel Discussion
2:45 PM3:15 PMHow to Deliver Successful Pipeline Renovation Projects? Client, Consultant and Contractor PerspectivesCaroline Amyot, City of Waterloo; Harry Krinas, City of Hamilton; Stewart Dickson, WSP Inc.; and Kim M. Lewis, Liquiforce Services
3:15 PM3:30 PMQ&A and Panel Discussion
Session 11: How to Design and Deliver Successful HDD and Tunnelling ProjectsBallroom4
2:00 PM2:20 PMGeotechnical Investigations for Constructible and Successful Trenchless ProjectsMasoud Manzari,Thurber Engineering Ltd.
2:20 PM2:40 PMHow to Improve Tendering, Bidding, Design, and Risk Sharing Practices from a Contractor's Perspective Gene Woodbridge, Earth Boring
2:40 PM3:00 PMHow to Improve Tendering, Bidding, Design, and Risk Sharing Practices from a Consultant's Perspective Jason Lueke, Associated Engineering
3:00 PM3:30 PMQ&A and Panel Discussion